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Don't feel guilty about procrastinating and watching TV all day. Create an incomparable and unique painting!

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Ready to start with an amazing new hobby? Our paint by number kits contains everything you need to start painting. We give you the chance to recreate famous works by timeless artists, add a little visual pizzazz to your living space, or even immortalize a treasured moment from your life on canvas.

Sketch By Numbers paint by numbers homeSketch By Numbers paint by numbers home

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Rich pigment acrylics will make colors pop up

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Custom Painting by Numbers

Convert any photo into a painting.

How To Paint by Numbers

Step #1 Match

Once you have selected your favorite paint, put it on a flat surface. Select a number and match the painting pot number with your canvas. Everything is clearly labeled, so you can jump right in without spending a lot of time trying to figure out where to start.

Step #2 Paint

Apply the paint to the corresponding number on the canvas and try not to leave the marked space. Also, you can undo it with the correct color. Our kits enable you to paint by numbers on a large canvas that creates a beautiful piece of artwork ready to display when finished.

Step #3 Repeat

Continue the same process until you are done with all the missing colors and spaces. Your painting will be complete! We offer a wide range of kits, from landscapes to abstract pieces. We also offer custom kits that enable you to paint a large-scale replica of a special photo you provide.

Sort by Difficulty

Filter any collection by the difficulty of each canvas

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Difficulty Medium Sketch by Numbers paint by numbers
Difficulty Advanced Sketch by Numbers paint by numbers

What is Paint by Numbers?

Paint by numbers isn’t just your regular time pass activity, it has benefits and bonuses that go beyond entertainment and killing time. There have been enough studies to prove that painting, sewing, coloring and drawing calm down the mind and body, relaxes the tense muscles, gives the perfect let out to the inner feelings and lowers the stress levels. It also helps in enhancing one’s ability to concentrate and prolongs his/her attention span. Paint by numbers helps in improving mental health and sleep cycle, it also increases the confidence of an individual who thinks low of himself, as the outcome of paint by numbers for adults is always amazing.

Paint by numbers is also a healthy cognitive exercise that helps the mind to make new connections, form new memories and associate good times with art. These canvas painting kits for adults make a great activity for fibromyalgia patients as it occupies their mind and gives them a few hours of peace and relaxation. Paint by numbers also helps in developing a great hand and eye coordination, educates your color mixing knowledge, teaches you some new blending techniques and gives you a proof of how various colors work with each other. Paint by numbers is a master class you surely want to be a part of!

Why Choose Sketch By Numbers?

Sketch by numbers has been described as the Highest Quality Paint by Numbers Kits. All designs were handpicked very carefully, so we can deliver to you the best painting experience ever. These paint by numbers for adults make a great gift for anyone, no matter how much artistic skill he or she has.